Fashion Girl Dolls in All Sizes

Fashion Girl Dolls in All Sizes

Posted by Jacqueline on 3rd Apr 2022

Meet our new extensive line of dolls.

Our 18 Inch Dolls Kennedy and Friends® feature full body vinyl-silicon dolls. Hand painted details to their faces, legs and arms. 

Kennedy and Friends Dolls have rooted hair and stationary eyes. Available in several eye and hair combinations. 

Our 14 (13.7) inch full poseable line is Evia's World™. This collection will consist of 4 dolls to start. They are fully jointed dolls. All body vinyl with rooted long hair. Eyes are also stationary.

Lorelei and Friends® our 12 inch fashion dolls. These can share clothing with the Wellie Wisher dolls.They have the same dimensions.Lorelei and Friends have rooted hair and stationary eyes. They also have the hand painted faces and body. Realistic looking and feeling. 

Our Little Siblings™ is our 10" dolls. These are perfect for doll collectors and small children who are looking for an alternative to a Barbie or a Bratz dolls. Our Little Siblings are all handmade with detailed and hand painted faces. 

Enjoy our conservative line of dolls where we allow children to be children.