Kennedy and Friends™ Dolls are a small collection of handmade dolls from Spain. 

A little bit about the difference between Kennedy and Friends™ and what is currently on the USA market. All the dolls currently on the US market are mass-produced in China. You can tell the difference between a European-made doll and a Chinese mass-produced doll by the color of its vinyl. European dolls have a natural pink tint to their vinyl, whereas the Chinese vinyl has a yellow hue due to the vinyl. I will be uploading images so that customers can see the clear contrast.  Each doll is handmade. Kennedy and Friends have stationary eyes with eyelashes. Their heads are able to tilt and pose. Currently there are no other dolls on the USA market that can pose their heads. Kennedy and Friends™ are the only 18 inch doll of their quality with full body vinyl. No more unsightly fabric when modeling your dolls. They can wear bikinis and swimsuits without those embarrassing fabric lines. 

They also have hand-painted details to their knees and elbows. Their cheeks are rosy pink. 

We are also taking custom orders for hair and eye combinations. 

Kennedy and Friends Dolls

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