Evia 14.5 Fashion Girl Doll

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Evia 14.5 Fashion Girl Doll
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Introducing Evia, the enchanting 14.5-inch fashion girl doll that captures the essence of style and elegance. With her slender figure perfectly designed to embrace the latest trends, Evia effortlessly showcases an array of 14.5-inch doll clothes available on the market, making her a canvas for creativity and imagination.

Evia's distinct charm emanates from her captivating green stationary eyes, which hold a world of wonder within them. Her medium sandy blonde hair cascades gracefully, allowing for endless hairstyling possibilities and adding to her irresistible allure. Whether it's an updo fit for a royal gala or a carefree tousled look for a day of adventure, Evia's hair becomes a playground of inspiration.

In the vibrant realm of Evia's world, you'll discover a captivating selection of seven non-articulated body dolls, each with a unique personality and style. From the trendsetter who defines urban chic to the free spirit with a bohemian flair, every Evia doll invites you to embark on imaginative journeys and captivating stories.

For those seeking versatility in poses and play, the articulated body Evia stands at a dainty 12 inches, adhering to the standard in the EU. This petite version of Evia allows for graceful movements and expressive storytelling, making her the ideal companion for imaginative playtime adventures.

Evia and her world transcend mere dolls; they are gateways to a universe of creativity, imagination, and fashion-forward fun. Embrace the magic of Evia and watch as she becomes an inseparable part of your world, inspiring endless tales and stylish escapades.

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