14 Inch Fashion Doll Stefania

14 Inch Fashion Doll Stefania

Posted by Sarah on 16th Jun 2022


Meet our newest member to Evia's World.

She has brown hair with greenish blue eyes. She is the same body type as the other girls in this collection with the pose-able feature. You can order Stefania with the regular body. I will be posting side by side pics and options

  •    Stefania has long brown hair that has a slight curl to the ends.
  •  Her eyes as stated above look blue in the shade and greenish blue in the sun.
  • Here she is posing with her little Llama. 
  • When ordering please feel free to chime in using your name and email. One of our doll specialist will assist you in ordering. At My Brittany's you will never have to push prompts for service