Evias World Arianna

Evias World Arianna

Posted by Brittany on 15th Jun 2022


A new member to Evia's World of Dolls.  Meet Arianna...

Arianna has stunning black wavy hair. She has stationary blue eyes..

Arianna is 13.7 inches and fits the doll clothes in her tab. We are custom making her outfits as she has a slim body.

When considering which doll to get please keep in mind that Evia's World Dolls are modeled after a 10-14 year old. 

She will have more outfits fitting to her fashion forward age. 

She is available in a pose-able and non pose-able body.

We will be listing all the features that you can customize in the days to come. 

Remember to chime in on chat by adding in your email and name. We will respond to you instantly if we are online. 

Get the custom attention you deserve. We do not require you to push prompts.