Meet Evias World Giada

Meet Evias World Giada

Posted by Giada Marie on 14th Jun 2022

Giada™ has arrived. She has gorgeous red hair and green eyes. She is 13.7 inches which makes her a 14 inch doll size. She has a slim body. If you are familiar with the Wellie Wisher, Giada's body is slimmer. We are custom making her clothing line. Some outfits should be ready within this week. Her line will consist of floral dress similar to the 18 Inch Kennedy and Friends line. 

She will have several little Western boots and ranch themed outfits. 

We picked the name Giada as the line Evia is named after the Greek Island that had a severe fire in 2021. As we grow we will  have printed materials for the girls to collect with their dolls.

All of the dolls in this series will have names originating in the Mediterranean area . Evia's line is handmade in Spain.

- Full Body Vinyl

-Rooted Hair

-Hand Painted Faces

-Stationary Eyes

-13 Points of Articulation

- Pose-able