New Poseable Evias World Dolls

New Poseable Evias World Dolls

Posted by Jacqueline on 13th Jun 2022

A new Shipment just arrived of dolls.

Meet Arianna, Giada and Stefania they will be joining Evia as her world of friends grows.

These dolls are jointed in 13 spots. Giving them the ability to strike a pose while your little girl posts pics of them on her social media account. They do require some patience posing and standing. Our adult collectors on Intagram have produced some adorable images. 

Here is one from Sheila at MollyandMeDolls on IG.

She truly brings out Evia's beautiful complexion and gorgeous hair. 

Here are some features that the Evia line has. 

- Silky long rooted hair

-Stationary Eyes

-Button Noses

-13 Points of Articulation


-13.7 Inches in Size

-Fits 12-14 Inch Doll Clothes

-We will be having over 30 outfits for her and her friends by December